Print Information:

All of the images in this site are available for purchase.  I process each image individually to optimize it for printing.  I print
only with the best labs that I personally have worked with on a regular basis. I create each print at the time of purchase and
I will modify the size and medium to fit your needs. Below is a list of standard options and pricing.  If you do not see
a size you want, please let me know and I can quote you a price.

In order to ensure each print will meet your expectations, I verify that each order will work on the size and
medium requested before processing.  

My prefered method of payment is PayPal and Google Checkout.

   High Quality Print*          Aluminum*               Canvas*                  Wood*         
5x7 - $25.00
8x10 - $35.00
16x20 - $50.00
20x30 - $65.00
5x7 - $50.00
8x10 - $ 75.00
16x20 - $150.00
8x10 - $115.00
16x20 - $160.00
20x24 - $185.00
5x7 - $65.00
8x10 - $95.00
16x20 - $140.00

* Standard pricing. Actual pricing quote will be provided before final purchase.

To order please the form below: